Thursday, 12 January 2012


After being briefed on OUGD303 and hearing we have to put together a design context publication, I realised contacting studios and freelancers would prove important. So I have put together an initial list of designers who work primarily with image and pop culture, and whose work inspires me daily.

Dave Perillo
Graham Erwin
Miranda Dressler

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

OUGD301 Evaluation

'A print based investigation into popular culture with a focus on packaging & promotion'
Umbrella Statement, composed at the beginning of the year.

The briefs I have undertaken throughout this module have all proved useful in helping me understand specific things about myself, be it my work ethic, my dedication, my practical skillset or even my communicative abilities. In total I have undertaken five briefs I consider to be sufficient ones, and a few other minor ones along the way. I believe the most productive way of evaluating my efforts this term is by breaking down the briefs into positives, negatives and then bringing them all back together to note any other observations throughout the module.

Brief 01: Afrika collaboration with Meryem.
During this brief I discovered that working in a partnership isn't as bad as I had initially thought. All previous collaborations I have worked in usually resulted in less than impressive outcomes and an overall negative opinion on partnerships. However, due to the nature of our individual responsibilities and the fact that we hardly ever creatively clashed, or stepped on each others toes the brief flowed easily. I do think we could have wrapped up the brief a lot quicker than we did, and could have perhaps brainstormed more creative promotion possibilties. However no one individual is to blame for these downfalls, and it is just something to consider in the future.

Positives: I worked with a material I had never worked with before; wood. I used equipment I had previously been intimidated by; the laser cutter. I took designs I was provided with from another person and expanded them, something I don't usually like to do.
Negatives: The laser cutting was extremely time consuming and a lot more failures than successes were achieved. Due to this being the first of my briefs I started with great momentum, but let it drag for far too long. We should have wrapped it up a lot sooner.

Brief 02: Almodovar Collection
This brief proved that I need to experiment more in the early stages instead of settling on a visual approach quickly and letting it overwhelm me in the later stages. I should have experimented with typefaces a lot more, and even colour combinations. However I was extremely pleased with the outcome and can see a level of consumerism in the product. It also taught me that working with a subject matter that interests me helps hold my concentration levels, and that I can keep momentum going for long periods of time.

Positives: I think I really perfected my use of colour with this brief. I've always considered colour a big part of my work, but I think this one helped me realise it can lift a brief much higher. I also loved working with inDesign, and developing my layout skills with the booklet.
Negatives: Again because of how long I kept the brief going, I lost concentration and struggled with juggling this and others. Next time I will have to work on a much quicker turn around.

Brief 03: The Body Shop
I've always been someone who likes to physically make as many things as possible. That's where I felt out of place with this brief. The majority of my ideas were proposals, something I felt uncomfortable with, and probably will avoid in the future. However I do realise if I have ideas above my station, mocking things up is the way forward. Hopefully this will help me in thinking 'outside the box' in future briefs.

Positives: I worked with cosmetic packaging, an area I have never explored before and quite frankly thought wouldn't suit me. But I have discovered another field of package design that appeals to me, and this will hopefully open many doors in the future.
Negatives: No matter how hard I try I can not make things look 3D when they simply are not. I'm going to have to look into what measures I can take to develop this.

Brief 04: M&S Picnic
For a brief that I admittedly left until the last minute I was proud of my resolutions. After workshops with Fred I was reminded to take a step back from designing at the start of any brief, something which I needed reminding of. Hopefully this will forever be at the forefront of my mind. I took the time out to work with a pen and paper, I came up with a tagline I was really proud of. Proof that taking the time to think, rather than mindlessly design, is always worth it.

Positives: The written aspect. I actually liked my tagline, and think it worked incredibly well. The obvious inspiration from classic Hollywood titles really helped me visually.
Negatives: The ways in which I applied my designs to other formats. I was incredibly underwhelmed by my efforts to work across other mediums. I just couldn't get them right.

Brief 05: Cult Zine
For a brief that started as a bit of fun I was very proud of the final publication. It's something that I think has a lot of potential, and am a little apprehensive about evaluating as I consider it to be an ongoing brief. I hope to pick it up again for the FMP, and ideally would like a series of publications following the concept by the end of the year.

Positives: The amount of compliments I have received, and the money I made. And again with the laser cutter; it's opened many doors for me.
Negatives: I wish I had taken it further for this brief, however with the time constraints I just couldn't fit it in. Perhaps an earlier realisation that I would be so proud would spur me on more.

In conclusion OUGD301 has been an extremely trying time. I have discovered things about myself I was not aware of, both practically and mentally. I admit to losing momentum and falling out of love with the module at times, but I would have to say my revelatory moment was the 'capability' group crits. Having Fred basically put into words exactly what I have been thinking for the last two years was what I needed to hear. I know I can make things look nice, but I fail when it comes to range and executing to the highest level. It was eye opening and I appreciate the surplus effort made by the tutors. Hopefully I can prove my worth during the rest of my time on the course.

And I will never miss a visiting professional seminar again.